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SEO Link Rotator is the Ultimate Link Bait Plugin for Wordpress!

You worked hard on your blog posts and keyword-themed web pages; don't they deserve a little link juice from your readers and fellow bloggers? Of course they do, but will Google want to see 1,000 links back to your website with the exact same link text? Yah, probably not. Enter the SEO Link Rotator, the original link bait plugin for Wordpress that allows your readers to pick up the link text YOU want to appear for in Google, Bing and other search engines (with up to 5 variations of link text).

Why Ask for Links?

Google, the largest search engine online, has three primary criteria for ranking results:

There have been several exploitations of Google's algorithm in the past, ranging from having a former president rank for "miserable failure" to less controversial examples, such as the download page for Adobe Reader that ranks for "click here" without any verbiage on the download page containing the phrase. Basically, to get to page one in the search results, you need to be relevant. To earn higher ranking on the first page, you need other websites to 'vote' for your pages with keyword-rich links. To lock down and sustain top ranking in the search results, users need to choose your listing more often than the other 9 organic results (click-through rate) AND not quickly return to Google to choose a difference listing (referred to as a bounce).

Google Filters Spam

If you create what you believe to be your legacy blog post and Google suddenly detects a pattern of irregular or unusual linking, click-through rates (measured with typical search volume) or keyword stuffing, your page may be flagged and filtered from the search results. By using a combination of link text, rotated each time your page loads, Google will crawl at least 5 variations of link text, providing a much more authentic link building pattern.

Download the Plugin

We offer two versions of this unparalleled link baiting plugin for Wordpress websites and blogs (hey, we have families to feed). The free version will use your page's wp_title text (the post/page title) as the link text, so at least you'll have a way to start getting links to your content easily. The paid version is fully loaded with 5 text fields that appear in editing mode within a post or page. Pickup either version below:

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The idea of rotating a "link to this page" widget was something we hadn't considered. Our articles were mostly paragraphs without a means to share or link. Within 4 months of implementation, we've seen an 8% growth in organic traffic. Wiideman's technique is working and his plugin, based on the same technology, will undoubted help others drive search traffic as well.
It's exciting watching my rank and my traffic improve as more and more people link to content on my websites. In today's economy, it 's encouraging to have a tool like the SEO Link Rotator to help businesses drive targeted links with their own superb content.
-Bodine Balsco
Installing the SEO Link Rotator was as simple as using it within posts. I get hundreds of people linking to my entertainment industry blog posts; it's nice to be able to partially control the link text to help me improve search engine ranking.
-Josh R.